Client Development Masterclass (New Launch - 2019)

Clients of law firms are increasingly demanding a higher level of client service at all times.

Of course, technical ability is important, but equally important is the responsiveness of the legal team, how it engages with clients and the ability to listen to clients’ needs.

We have carefully designed this masterclass to enhance your understanding of key areas within client development, and to allow you to immediately implement all that you learn from us. 

Legal skills aside, a great deal of client satisfaction rest on the quality of client service. And this is consistent with the client feedback being noted in numerous surveys and ranking editorials in recent years. 

This is an area where we can step in and empower your lawyers. We are flexible in how we deliver the training. It can be standalone, in your city. But it will be more effective if it is part of a retreat in another city. A holiday can be rewarding and morale-boosting, and being away from the work environment can turn into a productive learning experience.

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