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Alignment. Clarity. Responsibility.

We align our services with your requirements, we use our knowledge to make things clearer, and we never overlook our responsibility to create results for our clients.

At Equibloom Asia, we are equipped to provide services to law firms of all sizes: local, regional and international. Based in Singapore but with a focus on the legal markets throughout Asia, we specialise in the areas of business and client development, branding, marketing, public relations and communications. 

In a first of its kind, a comprehensive suite of services has been assembled for law firms in Asia. This is motivated by our recognition of such needs in the professional services sector, and the pressure at some law firms to get things done without adding to headcount cost.

We are in the business of creating results for our clients. Read on, and we will fill you in with the details as you explore this website.


Business of Creating Results


Evolving Legal Landscape and Challenges

These are challenging times for law firms. Technology and innovation have not spared the legal industry from the “Uber” effect.  

In-house teams are hiring lawyers on short term contracts without adding to headcount or turning to law firms. Transactional practices are losing revenue to new businesses skilled in the art of commoditisation of legal documents (a trend predicted back in 2006!), as part of the ongoing tussle between Big Law and New Law. The billable hour model has been under increasing scrutiny post-GFC, especially in disputes. There is also an ambitious firm offering legal advice over the phone for 15 minutes priced at $49, payable online.  

In addition to these challenges, operational cost is also on the radar of traditional law firms. Both labour and real estate costs continue to have a major effect on profitability. With no easy solutions in sight to reduce operating costs in a significant manner, the pressure is often placed on the partners and heads of BD teams to bring in more work, to meet billing targets, to meet practice budgets, to “feed” associates with billable work, etc.

Whatever it takes, compete!



Escalating Levels of Competition

These days you have to fight and protect - fight for new work, and protect existing work from the prying eyes of competitors

Are there too many law firms fighting for a limited number of deals? Probably. Are there too many law firms that are not properly differentiated? Definitely. Are clients becoming more sophisticated and demanding? Of course, and why not.

We recognise that partners need support - we are here to discuss your needs and provide customised support that will make a real, measurable difference to your practice.

We can assist your law firm to develop strategies to identify and connect with prospective clients with the goal of generating new business. We can help you strengthen your relationship within your existing client base, using tried and tested methodologies. Apart from clients, we can build your brand, improve your visibility in the market, and redevelop your strategies in digital and traditional marketing.

We align our services with your requirements, using our knowledge to make things clearer, and never overlooking our responsibility to create real results. We adopt a professional, solution-oriented approach coupled with strategic input and creative techniques to meet your needs.

Basically we can take care of anything within your firm’s operational ambit that is outside the realm of legal work.


A perfect partnership



On top of things, and on your side...

Although most law firms may not be too differentiated at a branding or marketing level, it does not mean they all operate the same way internally. As such, we are mindful of your firm culture and unique management philosophies.  We maintain flexibility and nimbleness at all times in our efforts to find the right solutions for you.

We are happy to work with the managing partner, individual partners, or practice groups. We can also work with heads of BD to supplement the capabilities of existing teams in international and local law firms, as well as assist firms with no such resources. 

We are trailblazers and we embrace this responsibility seriously. Like all law firms, we are in business of creating results for our clients. You create results for your clients, and we do it for you. Quid Pro Quo!